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Mascara with thick brush

Mascara with thick brush

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Daily Life Forever52 Mascara with Thick Brush Adds The Desired Volume and Length To Your Lashes

Waterproof- Smear-proof- Comes with anti-clumping properties- Thick brush adds volume, length and lustre


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Nothing can add more glamour to your eyes than thick, luxurious lashes that simply enhance your eye-make without any much effort and to get such fuller, curled and thick lashes try out the best ever Mascara With Thick Brush only from your favourite brand Daily Life Forever52.

The mega-volume sculpting brush has tight and multiple bristles that stretches the lashes to its perfect length and coats the mascara without any clumps, lending a perfect fanned-out effect, with each lash separated from the other, flawlessly. The brush picks up the right amount of mascara, wiping out any excess fluid.

Comes in jet black super shade, this will make your eyes an instant hit.

Add volume and lustre to your lashes in no time with water-proof, smear-proof and anti-clumping Mascara with thick brush only from Daily Life Forever52.

How To Apply

Using small, horizontal zigzag movements, run the mascara brush along the lashes until you achieve the desired effect. The volumizing effect is instant.



Daily Life Forever52

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