Exclusive Powder Banana 85gm

70.00 AED

Achieve a Super Silky Texture with Exclusive Banana Powder from Daily Life Forever52

Sets foundation- Reduces Shine- Matte Finish- Reduces Undertones

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Daily Life Forever52 brings you the revolutionary exclusive Banana Powder that warms your skin and makes it mesmerizing effortlessly. With a hint of mattifying banana powder, set your foundation right and hide those red and pink undertones. It reduces shine and gives a perfect matte finish, silky smooth texture to your skin without clogging your skin pores.

The micro-milled powder also enhances your skin tone, giving you a gorgeous glow.

How To Apply

Apply exclusive Banana Powder gently with the help of Daily Life Forever52 Brush or use your make-up sponge.



Daily Life Forever52

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